Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan review update

News Update 22 May 2019
Canning Bridge

The Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan (CBACP) is a guide for development in the precinct surrounding the Canning Bridge Station, on both sides of the Canning River.

The CBACP was developed to support development of the precinct with a mix of office, retail, residential, recreational and cultural uses, maximising opportunities offered by its unique transport hub location.

This year the City began a review of the CBACP and invited comment from all stakeholders including the community on what improvements could be made to the plan.

Over 230 submissions were received and close to 100 people attended information and feedback sessions to have their say. Some of the issues identified included the need for new buildings to respect existing streetscapes and character, privacy, light access and construction impacts.

The City also established a Citizen Stakeholder Group (CSG) to analyse the feedback and provide recommended amendments to the CBACP. The CSG has now reported back to the City and modifications to the CBACP are expected to be publicly advertised in the coming months.

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