Redmond Reserve boardwalk and staircase closure - contractors invited to submit quotes

News Update 19 March 2019
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The City of South Perth wishes to apologise for the lengthy closure of the Redmond Reserve Boardwalk.

During a routine asset assessment in 2018 it was determined that the piles supporting the boardwalk were severely corroded to the point where they were no longer structurally sound. The boardwalk was subsequently closed to public access in the interest of public safety.

Following consultation with marine engineers and the City, it was determined that it was appropriate to refurbish the piles supporting the boardwalk thus re-establishing its original design capacity and extending the life of the structure for an additional 10 years. 

The City has invited suitably experienced contractors to submit designs and quotations for the works and following the assessment of submissions the City will engage a contractor to undertake the works. The contractor will be required to submit a Construction and Environmental Management Plan to the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions prior to commencing works on site, approval of the plan could take up to 6 weeks to approve. 

Works will commence as soon as practicable following approvals and are expected to require a construction period of 4 weeks. 

The City anticipates that the boardwalk will be open again for public use by the second half of 2019.

The City apologies for any inconvenience experienced during the period of closure.

Redmond Street Reserve

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