Parking made easy with EasyPark

News Update 26 February 2019

Do you use paid parking?

To assist residents and visitors, EasyPark stations are installed at paid parking areas throughout the City of South Perth making parking simpler, faster and even more convenient.

The EasyPark parking app enables you to get full control of your parking session and save time. 

Using the EasyPark app you can conveniently start parking while you're sitting in your car, and there's no need to put money into the parking meter.

All the City's parking rules are already set up in the app, so you do not have to spend time trying to understand the parking signs. Simply locate your car on the EasyPark map and pin the position, EasyPark will take care of the rest.

The app enables you to avoid parking fines by extending the parking session duration remotely from your phone.

Typically, a driver overpays by 30% when they park. With EasyPark, you only pay for the time you actually use.

Accepted payment methods include: credit card, Klarna, PayPal, Apple Pay, or corporate credit card to pay for business parking.

To download the EasyPark app and start using it visit the EasyPark website.


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