100 Years Even - L’art pour l’art by Paul Caporn and Ahmad Abas

News Update 21 February 2019
Public Art

Title: 100 Years Even - L’art pour l’art
Artist: Paul Caporn and Ahmad Abas
Date: 2018
Location: Quest Apartments, 21 Mends Street, South Perth
Material: porcelain bowls
Made from 237 porcelain bowls arranged in a broken hexagonal constellation, 100 Years Even - L’art pour l’art by Paul Caporn and Ahmad Abas creatively brings together mass-produced, everyday objects in a striking geometric design.
Serendipitously, this work was conceived in 2017, 100 years after Marcel Duchamp’s controversial work “Fountain” was first exhibited. This was one of the first “Readymades”, as he called them, and created new possibilities for art and for artists to work with.
This public artwork attempts to reconcile seemingly opposing ideas in art; modernist formal aesthetics with the “readymade”. In doing so neither idea can exist in a ‘pure’ form in this work, but the outcome celebrates the common goal of expressing the nature of existence.

This public artwork was made possible by the City of South Perth’s Public Art Policy (P316 Developer Contribution for Public Art & Public Art Spaces) supporting developer contributions to public art which celebrate and contribute to the City’s unique culture.

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