Inaugural Cultural Plan adopted

News Update 21 December 2018

The City of South Perth has adopted its inaugural Cultural Plan to outline a vision, strategies and goals for cultural development from 2018-2022 and beyond. 

The Plan was adopted at the December 2018 Council meeting.

The Plan will provide a framework for arts and culture across the City, encouraging new opportunities, enhancing existing cultural assets and appropriately allocating resources in line with community priorities and values.

The City reviewed community feedback along with information from key community stakeholders, staff and elected members, to create a unique direction for the City’s cultural future.

The Plan aims to build on the City’s already vibrant and extensive culture and arts program by providing a framework consisting of 10 Strategy Areas:

1. Community

To ensure that community members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities have access to cultural life within the local community

2. Community Wellbeing

To contribute to our community’s health and wellbeing through cultural opportunities

3. Events, Activations and Programs

Develop, promote and deliver events, activations and programs that highlight the City’s unique identity and generate authentic experience

4. Cultural Heritage 

To value, protect and enhance our cultural heritage

5. Cultural Identity

To celebrate the community’s collective identity as well as the opportunity for self-expression

6. Public Art and Art Collection

To provide the community with access to quality public art

7. Collaboration

To partner across the City and the community to increase the value of program and activities through shared knowledge and resources

8. Cultural Places, Open Spaces and Infrastructure

To provide venues, open space and facilities that foster creativity

9. Creative Economy

To encourage a culture that supports the creative industry and recognizes its economic benefits.

10. Cultural Planning

To plan for the future cultural needs of the City of South Perth community 

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