Recreation and Aquatic Facility feasibility project

Media Release 31 October 2018

At the Council meeting held on 30 October the City of South Perth Council resolved to reaffirm its commitment to the planning and promotion of the development of recreation and aquatic facilities (RAF) to service community needs, as identified in the City’s Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027.

A report presented to Council updated elected members on recent preliminary assessments reviewing possible sites and partnership opportunities for a regional multi-use facility. These assessments have identified the necessity to explore how a RAF could be made more viable as a functioning centre to minimise impacts on ratepayers and have also highlighted the potential possible sites including the opportunity to locate a RAF in close proximity to Curtin University (including an option within Collier Park Golf Course) to take advantage of the long term growth of the area. 

Additionally, the preliminary work has suggested that a state-of-the-art regional sport, recreation and aquatic facility that serves the communities of the City of South Perth (and Curtin University, extending to areas within the Town of Victoria Park and the City of Canning), warrants further investigation. 

It is recognised that to more rigorously examine the feasibility of such a facility, a business plan needs to be presented to Council to review a number of options (including site selection) based on these preliminary studies. 

The prospect of an aquatic facility within the City of South Perth has been under consideration for some years, with a number of studies, reports and submissions prepared and received. 

The City undertook a community survey earlier in the year to assess a range of community programs, services and initiative. This survey included a question on a proposed recreation and aquatic facility. The majority of the community survey respondents provided positive feedback about a potential recreation and aquatic facility. Over 70% of local residents surveyed said they would use such a facility, and 85% indicated that they would use it at least monthly. 

At this stage, the City has only undertaken preliminary engagement with key stakeholders at a conceptual level. The project is now at a point where meaningful engagement could occur to assess community demand; potential project involvement and funding contribution/partnering arrangements. 

At the October Council meeting, the Council determined to:

1. Reaffirm its commitment for the planning and promotion of the development of recreation and aquatic facilities to service community needs in accordance with Strategic Outcome 1.2(C) of the City of South Perth Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027

2. commence formal engagement with Federal and State Governments, adjoining local authorities, tertiary institutions, peak sporting bodies and commercial operators to gauge their interest, support and involvement in a regional scale multi-use leisure and aquatic facility to be located within the City

3. advance work on the design concepts and preferred sites to enable preparation of a detailed Business Plan to be submitted to Council by July 2019

4. commit to consultation with stakeholder groups and the public on the refinement of the concepts and preferred sites

5. form a Project Reference Group (internal) reporting through to the Property Committee to oversee the development of the project. 

For further information view the Council Meeting Agenda on the City’s website.

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