CCTV in Karawara

Media Response 1 October 2018

Journalist’s enquiry: Media enquiry from the Southern Gazette newspaper regarding Steve Irons MP call for more CCTV in the Karawara area.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

What correspondence has the City of South Perth had with Karawara residents over crime and their petition for more CCTV cameras in the suburb?  

The City has received a copy of the petition and some recent requests from Karawara residents to install CCTV cameras in the suburb. The City is reviewing these requests through the development of a CCTV Plan.

What role does the City take in preventing crime and supporting Kensington Police in their work?  

The City is working closely with the Kensington Police on identifying the key crime hotspots, and is developing an action plan for crime prevention. Other initiatives include lighting upgrades, signage and bollards.

An application for Federal Government funding has been submitted requesting assistance with the purchase of CCTV cameras for key areas around the South Perth Foreshore, Mill Point Road in South Perth, and Karawara. The City recently purchased a mobile CCTV trailer that will soon be operational.

At a local level, the City of South Perth has developed a Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan that demonstrates the City’s vision and commitment to safety and crime prevention. This Plan outlines the roles and responsibilities of all those involved, providing the framework for community safety and crime prevention initiatives in the City.  The 2018/2019 Plan is currently being prepared. 

To support and deliver the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan the City facilitates a Community Safety Group with representation from key stakeholders within the South Perth community;  including Kensington Police, WA Police Community Engagement team, PCYC, Perth Zoo, Waterford Plaza, local MP’s, Curtin University and local community groups. This group meets quarterly to discuss and plan community safety initiatives in the City. 

A community development initiative currently being undertaken in the Karawara area that delivers community safety outcomes is called ‘HOME Karawara’. This project is a collaboration between the City of South Perth, Waterford Plaza, Southcare, Richmond Wellbeing, Moorditj Keila, Lifestreams Christian Church, Marr Mooditj, the Department of Housing and local residents.

Community safety is a shared responsibility involving various stakeholders, such as: Western Australia Police Force, state government agencies, local government, businesses, community safety groups and the community.  

Has the City seen an increase in crime like break-ins, antisocial behaviour and violent events in Karawara in recent months? 

 The Western Australia Police Force is the relevant entity that coordinates the reporting of criminal activity across the state. At a local level, the Kensington Police oversee policing within the Karawara area and are the appropriate entity to discuss local crime statistics.  

CrimeStoppers 1800 333 000 is the number members of the public need to call if they see any suspicious behaviour in their area.

How many social housing units are in the Karawara catchment and does that have an impact on the amount of crime that occurs in the area?  

According to 2016 Census data there are 113 households renting social housing in Karawara. 

What CCTV is in place within Karawara and what role does that play in preventing and monitoring crime in the area?  

The Gowrie early childhood education centre has 3 CCTV cameras and communicates with the Kensington Police.

Who monitors the CCTV cameras and how frequently? 

The Gowrie early childhood education centre.


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