Planting and restoration works at Cygnia Cove

News Update 10 September 2018
Parks and Reserve works

The City has planted more than 5,000 native plants as part of ongoing natural areas restoration works at Cygnia Cove residential estate in Waterford.

The works have also included weed and erosion control and revegetation of the wetlands and dryland zones. Alternative weed control methods were used to reduce the application of chemicals, especially in sensitive wetland areas.

As part of this project, the City's nursery successfully produced two Nuytsia floribunda trees that have been planted at the Cygnia Cove bush tucker garden. The City's natural areas team are monitoring survival of the new plantings.

The project was undertaken in accordance with the Cygnia Cove Environmental Management Plan, and is part of a collaborative arrangement between the City and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions under the proactive Riverbank Grant Funding scheme. 

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