Salter Point foreshore restoration works complete

News Update 6 September 2018

Restoration works to rehabilitate the shoreline of the Salter Point Spit and minimise erosion on the western foreshore of Salter Point Lagoon are now complete.

The Spit is an important feature of the Swan Coastal Plain, separating the Swan Canning Estuary from the Salter Point Lagoon. A combination of erosion mitigation techniques including brush walling, bank stabilisation matting, weed removal and native revegetation have been used to restore the Spit.

Healthy vegetation is an important element of the foreshore environment and is fundamental to erosion mitigation as it helps to dissipate wave energy and trap sand.

Since work commenced in 2016, the Restoration Project has seen more than 15,000 native plants planted along the foreshore and around the lagoon. In July 2018 alone, more than 1,500 native plants were planted at the Spit.

The restoration works were undertaken in accordance with the Salter Point Foreshore Restoration Plan Review and were made possible through Riverbank Grant Funding from the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions.

The City's natural areas team will continue to maintain and rehabilitate the area through revegetation, weed removal and embankment stabilisation to ensure maximum success of the Project. 

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