South Perth and Kensington

Media Response 9 August 2018

Journalist’s enquiry: I received the above release which has ranked various suburbs within the Southern Gazette’s catchment within the top 10 places to live, work and play in Perth, with many appearing several times. South Perth and Kensington were ranked in the top places to live and work. Victoria Park, Lathlain, Burswood, East Victoria Park and  Carlisle were ranked in the top places to work and play. Belmont, Ascot and Redcliffe were ranked in the top places to play.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor, Sue Doherty.

South Perth is one of the state’s most iconic and beautiful locations so it’s no surprise the suburb is ranked as one of the top 10 places to live and work. Similarly, the neighbouring suburb of Kensington is known for its lovely leafy tree-lined streets and is home to a very close knit community. It is dotted with lots of friendly cafes, shops and character homes on single residential lots. People love living and working there because of its proximity to the Perth CBD and the Swan River. It is a real family suburb, if you take a walk through the streets you’ll often see mums with prams and families walking together. 

South Perth has a strong sense of community. The people who live there are passionate about the suburb. They enjoy a very unique mix of leafy residential streets, complimented by the suburb’s physical beauty and spectacular location, minutes from Perth’s CBD. The thriving shopping, café, restaurant and bar scene, adds to the vibrancy of the suburb, especially along Angelo Street and Mends Street. 

Major City projects such as Connect South are set to further invigorate South Perth. The Connect South project encompasses the Mends Street Jetty foreshore, Mends Street, Harper Terrace and Windsor Park. It is focused on improving public amenity via place activation, access to transport and greater economic opportunity. The first stage focuses on the Mends Street foreshore and Mends Street itself between Mill Point Road and South Perth Esplanade.

South Perth and Kensington are great places to live and work, the study acknowledges this and as Mayor of the City of South Perth I am proud that these suburbs were identified and came fourth on the list within metropolitan local governments.

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