Spring green waste verge side collection

News Update 27 July 2018

The City’s Spring Green Waste Verge Side Collection will commence on 27 August and run until 1 October

For the Green Waste Collection, the City will collect a maximum of three cubic metres per premise consisting of uncontaminated green/garden waste, tree prunings/branches with a maximum length of 1.5m. To find out when collection will commence in your suburb visit, www.southperth.wa.gov.au/waste.

If you live within the Queensland fruit fly Quarantine Area all green waste must be stripped of fruit and vegetables prior to disposal, and fruit must remain on site and be disposed of according the guidelines. To find out if you live in the Quarantine Area and how to dispose of fruit and disposal guidelines visit agric.wa.gov.au/qflyupdate.


The dates printed in the Waste and Recycling Guide 2018 for 2a (Manning, Salter Point, Waterford) and 2b (Waterford) Spring Green Waste collection have changed. The new date for Spring Green Waste collection is 3 September 2018.

Media contact

For media enquiries, please contact the City’s Communications Officer.