Parking infringements – disabled parking bays

Media Response 13 April 2018

Journalist’s background: I’m interested in putting together a story about the number of fines your rangers have issued specifically for illegally parking in a disabled bay. I’m hoping to get the data broken down by post code if possible, for the past three financial years (Nine months to the end of March for 2017-18). I’m after post code, number of fines and value of fines.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

Please note, fines were withdrawn for various reasons. In instances where ACROD permit holders failed to display their permits, fines were withdrawn.

2017-18 (nine months to end of March)

Postcode  Number of fines  Value of fines  Total number of fines withdrawn = 15 
6151 South Perth  27  $8,100   
6152 Manning  $300   
6152 Como  $300   


Postcode  Number of fines   Value of fines   Total number of fines withdrawn = 20 
6151 South Perth  24  $7,200    
6152 Como    18  $5,400    
6152 Manning  $300    


Postcode   Number of fines   Value of fines    Total number of fines withdrawn = 22  
6151 South Perth   33  $9,900    
6152 Como   $1,800    
6151 Kensington $300   

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