Dog attacks 2016-2017

Media Response 13 April 2018

Journalist’s background: Please find below a query regarding dog attack numbers, which I am sending to all Perth metropolitan councils.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

How many dog attacks were reported in 2017? 

 62 dog attacks

How many dog attacks were reported in 2016? 

46 dog attacks

In 2017, how many of the dog attacks took place at dog parks or dog beaches (if known)? 


In 2017, how many attacks resulted in prosecutions (if known)? 

There were no dog attacks that resulted in prosecution during 2017, however the City issued modified penalties (infringements) for dog attacks and implemented other enforcement measures under the Dog Act 1976. 

Do you have any concern about the behaviour of dogs (and by extension their owners) in dog parks or at dog beaches?   

Responsible dog ownership means ensuring your dog is registered, trained, healthy, safe, well cared for, and does not create a nuisance to other members of your community.

Dogs are welcome at a number of parks and reserves in the City of South Perth and there are plenty of designated dog exercise areas with the City where dogs can play and exercise off the leash.

Regular exercise helps dogs relieve boredom and may also reduce unwanted behaviour such as excessive barking.  


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