Median extension Canning Hwy and Norton St, South Perth

Media Response 19 March 2018

Journalist’s background: I have received a few complaints regarding the road works on Canning Highway with the extension of the median strip at Norton Street. 

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty. 

Whether the works were jointly funded by Main Roads and the City? If so, how much was contributed by the City? 

The project was jointly funded by the City of South Perth and Main Roads with each contributing $21,648 to the project. 

When the issue of an extension was bought to Main Roads attention and the reasoning behind the concern? 

At the November 2017 Special Council Meeting, the Council resolved to request the CEO commence discussion with Main Roads in relation to the proposal to extend the Canning Highway median strip northeast to a point past Norton Street to prevent a right turn into and out of Norton Street at the intersection of Canning Highway. 

A continuous median with minimal openings supports the long-term plan for future widening and upgrade of Canning Highway as outlined in the Canning Highway Road Reservation Study. 

Main Roads has always maintained that the Norton Street and Canning Highway intersection must operate as a left in/left out movement with a solid median and had advised the City they would support the closure of the median if it was ever requested. 

The extension of the median eliminates the ability for vehicles to undertake right turning movements against opposing traffic on Canning Highway which has safety benefits and assists in relieving congestion and reduces the risk of crashes in the area. 

Whether the City voted on the matter to contribute the funds? If so, when this was? 

There was no requirement for Council to vote on the specific contribution to this minor traffic management proposal. Funding had been provided in the 2017/18 Budget – Roads, Paths and Drains Operating Budget to undertake essential minor traffic management upgrades and improvements where identified within the City.  

Whether modelling was done by the City or sent to the City by Main Roads of the impact the extension may cause to nearby residential streets? 

No. There is no reason to believe there will be any impact on adjacent streets with all nearby streets off Canning Highway having appropriate traffic management and speed calming measures in place and an ability to absorb any minor increase in traffic.

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