Removal of tree at 222 Labouchere Rd, Como

Media Response 16 February 2018

Journalist’s background: I have been informed that the removal of an 80-year-old-tree at 222 Labouchere Road in Como may have breached planning approval. 

Please attribute the following the quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty. 

As a condition of the development approval for the site, the tree was required to be retained. This was in order to satisfy the dual density performance criteria for a higher density coding of R30 at 222 Labouchere Road in Como. 

The removal of the tree was brought to the City’s attention on 15 February 2018. 

Site visits have been undertaken by the City and photos of the site obtained. Discussions have been undertaken with the contractors working on the site. 

Once this matter has been fully investigated, the City will decide how to pursue the alleged breach of the development approval. 

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