Ernest Johnson Reserve turf upgrade

News Update 12 February 2018
Ernest Johnson Reserve

As part of Ernest Johnson (EJ) Reserve Stage 2 upgrades, the City has commenced the resurfacing of the sport playing surface on Ernest Johnson Oval.

The next phase of the process will include the spreading of a compost layer which will be completed prior to new turf being installed.

This compost layer may omit a slight odour. The City's contractors will endeavour to reduce and control this odour. The compost itself is organic and does not contain any pesticides or harmful chemicals. 

The spreading of the compost is scheduled to start the week commencing 19 February 2018 and take approximately one week to complete. 

EJ Reserve provides recreational, sporting and social opportunities for the local community. The Reserve is located in South Perth, bounded by South Terrace, Sandgate Street, and Hensman Street.

The reserve and its associated buildings are being redeveloped to better accommodate the needs of relevant sports clubs, community groups, the local community and the City, and produce a contemporary, functional and sustainable multi-purpose facility.

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