50-52 Melville Pde, South Perth

Media Response 12 February 2018

Journalist’s background: I've been told COSP councillors resolved last night to recommend JDAP refuse the Bowman Street/Melville Parade development in its present proposed form. 

Please attribute the following the quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty. 

Is this correct? 

 Yes, Council resolved to recommend refusal for the Development Application. 

What was the reason given? 

Council considers the development has unacceptable amenity impact on the adjoining owners at No.3 Bowman Street, South Perth in terms of bulk and scale from the nil setback of the podium and therefore does not satisfy Clause 67 (m) of the Deemed Provisions. 

Which councillors voted for and which against?

Councillor Greg Milner voted against the Alternative Motion put forward by Mayor Sue Doherty. 

Media contact

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