26 Charles St, South Perth

Media Response 31 January 2018

Journalist’s background: Nearly 2 years ago the developer of 26 Charles St South Perth gained development approval.

Please attribute the following the quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

When does this approval expire?

The validity of the planning approval will cease if construction is not substantially commenced by 28 April 2018 (within 24 months of the date of planning approval dated 28 April 2016).

Residents say that if Stirling Capital was to resubmit its development proposal now under Amendment 46 they would have to allow 4m setbacks, meaning the mature trees now being demolished would be saved. Is this correct?

The City’s Town Planning Scheme street setback requirements applicable to this site have been amended since planning approval was granted in April 2016 as Amendment 46 has now been incorporated into the Town Planning Scheme.

The current street setback requirement is a minimum 2 metre street setback, however if certain criteria are met, the minimum street setback requirement could be increased, and up to a 4 metre maximum.

Some of the existing trees are located within these 2 metre and 4 metre street setback areas, though these current building setbacks would not necessarily result in these trees being retained if a new development was now proposed.

Are the trees being demolished of the kind that, if on public land, would be conserved under the city's urban forest strategy?

The trees you refer to are located on private land.

Does the developer have a building approval? Why or why not?

The developer has not lodged a building permit application. The developer would be able to answer why or why not.

Does the demolition approval have a shelf life?

The demolition permit is valid for two years effective from 28 December 2017.

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