Safety at community events

News Update 16 January 2018
Angelo Street Marketplace Australia Day South Perth Sounds

Local festivals and fun summer events often come with large crowds. Losing sight of your child at a large event can be heart-stopping. However, a good safety plan can make sure your day doesn’t end in tears.

  1. Take a photo of your child before you leave for the event - “What is your child wearing today?” So many people struggle to answer this vital question when gripped with the panic of a lost child. Taking a photo of their outfit before you leave for an event will help make the reuniting process smoother.
  2. Make sure your child knows your mobile telephone number - When a child has lost their family this can be the single quickest way of finding their family. Try making a game of it and quizzing them in the days leading up to the event.
  3. Look for a ‘Lost Children’ Area on arrival - many event organisers allocate an event office/area that lost children (or their parents/guardians) can visit to ask for assistance from the event staff. These points are perfect family meeting points. Be sure to direct your child to meet you there if they become lost. 

Constable Care Safety School Now Open to the Public

A new Constable Care Safety School has opened in Maylands. It will be holding public sessions during the January school holidays and on selected Fridays during term. Come down and teach your child to ride the bike they got for Christmas; or let them burn off energy on our safety bike track. Tech-addicted kids will also enjoy the augmented reality tours, teaching them valuable pedestrian safety.

The Safety School is suitable for children aged 4-11 years; entry is $13.50 for children and free for accompanying adults.

To book or for more information visit the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation’s website.

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