Our Annual Report

Mayor's Diary 19 December 2017

On behalf of my fellow Councillors, I am pleased to present the City of South Perth’s 2016/17 Annual Report.

One of the highlights from this Annual Report is that 2016/17 was a year when there was considerable progress made in realising the City’s strategic vision and progressing major projects.

Engaging with our community remained a strong focus, and one we continually look to improve on through identifying innovative ways to ensure all have the opportunity to have their say on the City’s key projects and plans. Over the past year the City has engaged directly with the community and other stakeholders on over 20 projects including the South Perth Station Precinct Place and Design Study, access and inclusion, parks and playgrounds, arts and events as well as the South Perth foreshore.

These projects brought together City staff, Councillors and stakeholders including community group representatives, individual residents, developers, business owners, land owners and government representatives to focus on improving liveability, community benefit and built form outcomes in the area.

Over the past year the City continued to focus on strategic direction with a major review of the City’s Strategic Community Plan commencing in November 2016. The foundation of the Plan was Vision 2027, a process which saw the City work collaboratively with our community.

Through this process we listened and heard what matters most to our community and this will guide the way we collectively plan for the future and deliver services.

As an organisation, the City does not operate in isolation and we are fortunate to have established many partnerships with stakeholders. It is through working collaboratively that we can create a City for everyone which is in essence, the heart of what we do. In April 2017, the City signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Curtin University of Technology, City of Canning and Town of Victoria Park. The MoU’s strategic objective is to collaborate in multiple areas to enhance the brand, objectives and outcomes of each organisation as leading innovators in their respective industries and to create the south eastern corridor as an ‘edu-tourism’ destination for local community and industry, as well as international visitors and investors.

In 2017, the City welcomed the long awaited announcement of state and federal government funding for the construction of the Kwinana Freeway Manning Road on-ramp, a key component of transport infrastructure in the Canning Bridge Precinct. Once built, the Manning Road on-ramp will greatly benefit City of South Perth residents as well as the wider community particularly Curtin University students, through improved connectivity and accessibility to the Freeway.

Construction is expected to commence in the 2019/20 financial year.

This Annual Report examines the City’s achievements and it also details our challenges. One of the key challenges we face is to ensure we accommodate the needs of a diverse and growing population, while ensuring that local development and growth complements our City’s unique character and enhances our already strong sense of place and community. Another challenge is the current economic climate. Such conditions reflect how a responsible budget is developed to provide residents with services and facilities they need, while taking into account the increasing tariffs and cost-shifting from state government to local governments. We have endeavoured to present some of the more complex financial information in an easy to understand manner, so you have a real sense of how the Council and City are working hard to move forward.

It is a big responsibility to plan for the future of our City. As a Council, we must respond to the community’s changing needs and aspirations. The Council has been elected to
take a leadership role, make tough and bold decisions between competing priorities, manage limited resources, focus on the ‘big picture’ and act for the greater good of
the whole City. At the same time the Council will continue to focus on the City’s performance, key projects and programs, providing guidance and representing our local

I extend a sincere thank you to the residents, community groups, local businesses and volunteers of the City of South Perth. Your contribution to our vibrant and diverse City is much appreciated and by working together we all help to make it a wonderful place in which to live, work and recreate.

I would like to thank all of the Councillors for their support and commitment to the City over the past year. I would also like to thank our Chief Executive Officer Mr Geoff Glass, his Executive Team and all the staff at the City of South Perth who undertake valuable work for all of us.

I congratulate the Governance and Marketing team in particular for their efforts in producing this annual report which captures and reflects upon milestones, lessons learned, and our future direction over the year.

Our City is full of potential and I am honoured to be part of a team that continues to work towards a better tomorrow for future generations.

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