South Perth Station Precinct works update: week commencing 27 November 2017

News Update 27 November 2017
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Approved works within the South Perth Station Precinct for the week commencing 27 November 2017:

  Construction site - general works      
96 Mill Point Road General truck movements for delivery of materials. Footpath closed on Mill Point Road from Labouchere Road to Harper Terrace for 2-3 weeks (subject to completion of reinstatement works on Mill Point Road). 
27 November-2 December 7am-5pm
39 Mends Street Dewatering and construction operations on site with truck access from South Perth Esplanade under traffic control. Verge and footpath closed on South Perth Esplanade with detours in place.  Echelon/Giorgi 
27 November-2 December 7am-5pm
21-23 Mends Street (Harper Terrace)  
Implementation of on street loading area on Harper Terrace contained within the work site boundary. Excavation and pouring of footings, delivery and installation of construction materials and removal of excavated material off site resulting in truck movements impacting on Harper Terrace. 
Quest Apartments/Pindan  
27 November-2 December 
1 Stone Street Internal works on site with pedestrian detours and parking area closures for deliveries on Scott Street and Stone Street. 
Danmar Developments 
27 November-2 December
   Other works      
South Perth Esplanade  Operation of autonomous bus trials on South Perth Esplanade, Mill Point Close and Mill Point Road.  RAC  28 November-3 December  9am-5pm 
Mends Street (Mill Point Rd to South Perth Esplanade)  Closure of Mends Street for the Mends Street Farmers Market  Mends Street Traders/City of South Perth  3 December 5am-2pm 
South Perth Esplanade/Queen Street  Footpath closure and pedestrian detour for filming  RAC/JAG Traffic/film crew  28 November  4.30pm-8.30pm 
   Upcoming works      
Mends Street and South Perth Esplanade Verge/Footpath closure and detour of pedestrians for window cleaning.
Window Wipers 6 December 5am-1pm
Mends Street (Mill Point Road to South Perth Esplanade) Closure of Mends Street for the Mends Street Markets (Sunday Weekly)
Mends Street Traders/CoSP
10 December  5am-2pm
Mill Point Road (Mends Street to Labouchere Rd)  Western Power connection works  Western Power/TX Civil  11 December  7pm-5am 

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