Have your say: Connect South Masterplan Concept Design

Media Release 23 November 2017
Connect South

Community members and stakeholders are invited to have their say on the Masterplan Concept Design for the Connect South project.

The Connect South Masterplan Concept Design area encompasses the Mends Street foreshore, Mends Street (north and south), Windsor Park and Harper Terrace, with the focus on the Mends Street foreshore and Mends Street north for the first stage. 

The Masterplan Concept Design is a long term vision for the area and has been developed following extensive community consultation and stakeholder engagement which took place between June and October 2017.

The Masterplan Concept Design is now open to further community and stakeholder consultation and a revision will be presented to the February 2018 Council Meeting. From this, detailed designs for the first stage of Connect South will be produced and presented to Council in July 2018.

Three key place themes ‘Perth Zoo’, ‘A Garden Suburb’ and ‘Public Transport’ were identified during the consultation as being significant in shaping the development of this area and defining its character. The Masterplan Concept Design draws on these themes to propose a space that recognises the unique character and history of the area whist developing a contemporary urban heart. 

The community and other stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the Masterplan Concept Design via the City’s online engagement portal yoursay.southperth.gov.auby 4pm, 22 December

“The proposed Masterplan Concept Design aims to create a cohesive character for the area that celebrates the precinct’s unique history and rich heritage. It looks at the short and long term visions for the project area,” City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty said.

“With the opening of Elizabeth Quay, the Perth CBD has been connected to the Swan River. The City’s Connect South project presents a similar opportunity through the enhancement and development of a gateway to the City, an attractive entry point to the Mends Street precinct and further connections and links to the Perth Zoo and greater South Perth.

“Connect South is a significant milestone in the development of the South Perth foreshore and broader precinct area. South Perth, with its northerly aspect across the Swan River to the Perth CBD makes for a spectacular setting both during the day and at night. There is an exciting opportunity to make this a 'go to' destination for residents and visitors and to create an activity hub on the Swan River.” 

The Connect South project has grown from the South Perth Foreshore Strategy and Management Plan which identified Node 1: Mends Street as a key area to redevelop.

The Strategy for Node 1 is to develop the Mends Street node as:

  • An active piazza and promenade;
  • An arrival place with day/night activities; 
  • A gateway for the Mends Street precinct, with connecting stories and interpretation of heritage, zoo and the river; 
  • An integrated transport node utilising the river to connect with the Mends St Precinct and surrounding areas.

In October 2016, the City successfully secured $2.5 million in Federal funding from the National Stronger Regions Fund (NSRF) to match the City’s contribution of $5 million over two financial years to help fund the project.

To find out more about the project visit Your Say South Perth.

Masterplan Concept Design area overview

Connect South Masterplan Concept Design area overview

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