Joining a road safety cause

News Update 20 November 2017

The City of South Perth is joining the WA road safety network and committing to improve road safety in our community by participating in the WALGA RoadWise Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign. 

Sunday 19 November marked the first day of the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign, coinciding with World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. This community-based campaign provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved in road safety.

The campaign aims for the Towards Zero long-term vision of a road transport system where crashes resulting in death or serious injury are virtually eliminated. Achieving this vision will be possible through shared responsibility where we all have a role to play in working towards a safe system.

The safe system approach aims for a road network that protects road users and prevents crashes that result in death and serious injury. The system aims to improve road safety through four cornerstones:

Safe roads and roadsides - investing in improvements to roads and infrastructure.

  • Safe speeds - ensuring speed limits and travel speeds are appropriate for the safety of the road infrastructure.
  • Safe vehicles - encouraging the community and organisations to purchase safe vehicles with key safety features.
  • Safe road use - address impaired driving (alcohol, drugs, fatigue and distraction), restraint use and speed choice.

For more information about the Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign, visit the RoadWise website.

Media contact

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