Development application 77 Roebuck Drive, Salter Point

Media Response 17 November 2017

Journalist’s background: I have a query for the city relating to a development in the City of South Perth at 77 Roebuck Drive in Salter Point. You may already be aware of some residents' concern but by way of background, I've been approached by a resident who is concerned largely about the aspect of the development that will involve an intersection being installed outside her house. Her main concern is an apparent lack of consultation by the city on the subdivision development itself. She says that they were only consulted on the initial rezoning and then, more recently, on the drainage and earthworks. She also wants the council's support to ask the developer to modify their road design from a T-intersection to a cul-de-sac because her house is immediately alongside where the intersection will be and she is concerned about traffic and privacy.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

Were City of South Perth residents consulted about the subdivision development at 77 Roebuck Drive in Salter Point?

 The City of South Perth consulted the residents on Town Planning Scheme 6 Amendment No. 44 that rezoned the subject site from ‘Private Institution R20’ to ‘Residential R25’ in March 2014.  The Scheme amendment included a concept plan for a 29 lot subdivision with the road layout consistent with the approved subdivision. The residents were not consulted on the subdivision application itself due time constraints imposed on the City by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) in order to determine the subdivision in accordance with the time frames under the Planning and Development Act 2005.

If so, what did that consultation involve and when did it take place? Were residents offered an opportunity to comment on the subdivision itself? If not, why not?

 As above.

Did that consultation include the road plans that will see a new intersection developed?

The concept plan included in Town Planning Scheme Amendment No.44 detailed an intersection at both Roebuck Drive and Redmond Street.

Is the City aware of concerns raised by some residents about the development?

 Yes, the City is aware of concerns raised by some residents about the development.

Does the City support the proposal from some residents to ask the developer to modify their road design from a T intersection to a cul-de-sac?

The developer has approval from the WAPC for the current subdivision road layout. Engineering drawings and specifications for road works and drainage associated with the WAPC approval have since been approved by the City.

Should the developer decide to modify the subdivision road layout then the City would consider this proposal through the subdivision referral process by the WAPC. It is noted that modification to the approved road layout into a cul-de-sac would be inconsistent with the State Government’s Liveable Neighbourhoods policy, as the cul-de-sac road length would exceed 120 metres, and additionally may have implications on the surrounding road system movements.

Does the City have any power to lobby the developer for any of these changes?

The developer has subdivision approval from the WAPC and therefore the City is not in a position to require modifications to this approval.

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