Remnants by Mark Datodi and Steve Tepper

News Update 1 November 2017
Public Art

Title: Remnants
Artist: Mark Datodi and Steve Tepper
Location: Berrington Como, Cnr Murray St and McNabb Loop, Como

The abstract artworks take their inspiration from the pine trees located in and around Berrington Como, being some of the last remnants of the 900 acre Collier Pine Plantation which was planted around 1925. The fence panel artwork communicates the essence of the pine tree leaves, whilst the freestanding entry sculpture gestures at the geometry and the unfolding, growing nature of the seed cones. They hint at their source but go beyond to become abstract and freer. 

Developer contribution to public art
In July 2014, Council endorsed a policy requiring developers of projects with a value of $4 million or greater to contribute at least 1% of the total project cost (excluding land value) towards public art. The contribution can be delivered as public art within the development itself, within the neighbouring precinct, or as a contribution to the City’s Public Art Fund.


Remnants by Mark Datodi and Steve Tepper

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