Challenger Reserve floodlights

Media Response 21 September 2017

Journalist’s background: I’ve been speaking to a few people at South Perth United Football (Soccer) Club, who are based at Challenger Reserve. The club is looking for some help to replace the lights at the reserve, as many don’t work properly. Apparently, the club has approached the City for help in the recent past but hasn’t received any.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

Why has the City declined to help South Perth United to fix the lights at Challenger Reserve? 

The City has not declined to fix the lights. No formal approach has been made from the club to the City to fix the lights.

What money has the City put into Challenger Reserve? 

The City of South Perth spends approximately $60,000 in annual operating maintenance on Challenger Reserve in Manning.  Additionally, capital expenditure on Challenger Reserve in 2016/17 included carpark resurfacing ($83,000), and upgraded irrigation to the entire reserve ($143,000).

Why has the City prioritised other ovals such as Ernest Johnson Reserve over Challenger Reserve? 

Redevelopment of Ernest Johnson Reserve and other reserves have come as a result of the projects identified in the City’s Strategic Community Plan which the community participates in identifying needs and priorities for the City. Specific reserves such as Ernest Johnson have been identified via the City of South Perth’s Future Directions and Needs Study for Sporting and Recreational Clubs in 2006. These key strategic documents assist the City to prioritise projects over a period of time.

Would the City be open to helping South Perth United with the lights in the future? 

As with all local sports clubs, the City is able to assist clubs with capital development via the Community Sporting and Facilities Fund (CSRFF), subject to approval from Council. Clubs can also access self-supporting loan schemes via the City should they wish to proceed with such projects.  

Is there anything else to add? 

Historically, the installation and ongoing maintenance of sports floodlights throughout the City have been the responsibility of the clubs as they are primarily used by clubs for club sport specific purposes. 

The City is currently developing a Floodlight Strategy for the City of South Perth and part of this project will review the current operations and priorities for sports floodlights within the City, including those at Challenger Reserve. Additionally, the City is developing a Strategic Community Facilities Strategy which will assist with prioritisation of future development of all community facilities.

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