Proposed scheme amendment

News Update 11 August 2017
South Perth Station Precinct

The City of South Perth Council will consider a proposed scheme amendment relating specifically to the Civic Triangle site in the South Perth Station Precinct (SPSP) at an Ordinary Council Meeting on 22 August 2017.

The request for the amendment was submitted by TPG and Place Match on behalf of Finbar, the landowner of the site.  

The 8206m2 site is located within the current SPSP Special Control Area. The site is unique in its position and triangular shape – bounded by three streets, Mill Point Road, Mends Street and Labouchere Road – with no adjacent neighbours. 

The City’s current Town Planning Scheme (TPS) does not take into account a site such as the Civic Triangle site. Single land ownership was not considered when the most recent changes to the current TPS were finalised. 

The proposed scheme amendment seeks to provide a set of site-specific development provisions to address these issues, while also acknowledging the site’s unique characteristics and the City’s vision for an iconic, landmark building on the site. 

The proposed scheme amendment for the site has been drafted to incorporate recommendations of the City’s South Perth Peninsula Place + Design Report, finalised in May 2017.

The Place + Design Study was carried out in consultation with City staff, Councillors and a broad range of other key stakeholders, to review the vision and the planning controls for the SPSP. The report sets out recommendations that relate to various elements of built form, land use and public realm, including: design quality, car and bicycle parking; sustainability; heritage conservation; vehicle management; and the provision of appropriate benefits to residents and the local community.

The proposed scheme amendment would allow for up to two towers on the site with one taller tower with a maximum height of 96 metres and one smaller tower with a maximum height of 83 metres. Detailed setback controls relating to separation between potential tower elements have also been included. These height limits are consistent with the recommendations in the South Perth Peninsula Place + Design Report.

In accordance with City policy and statutory requirements, the City consults with the community on amendments to its Town Planning Scheme.

Scheme amendments are referred to the Western Australian Planning Commission and WA Minister for Planning for final determination.

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