Upcoming Water Corporation night works

News Update 21 July 2017
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Water Corporation has been replacing a water main along Mill Point Road in South Perth. While this work will cause some temporary inconvenience, it will improve the security and reliability of the water supply to property.

Water Corporation will be undertaking night work in the intersection of Mill Point Road and Mends Street from Sunday night 23 July to Thursday night 27 July between 7pm and 6am.

During the night work, Water Corporation will be installing the new main at this intersection via underground drilling. The work will take place along the southern side of Mill Point Road, across the intersection and along the eastern side of Mends Street. We will be excavating pits to drill and install the new main. All open excavations will be enclosed by 1.8m temporary fencing for the duration of the works. Excavations in the roadways or in close proximity to the intersection will be suitably backfilled. Undertaking this work at night lessens the impact on the high volume of traffic that passes through this intersection.

The following night works to be undertaken by the Water Corporation on Mill Point Road:

Sunday night 23 July: Drill Shot 1 – Eastwards along Mill point Road, across Mends Street. 

Monday night 24 July: Drill Shot 2 – Southwards along Mends Street, across Mill Point Road.

Tuesday night 25 July: Drill Shot 3 – Northwards along Mends Street towards Mill Point Road.

Wednesday night 26 July: Drill Shot 4 – From Harper Terrace Eastwards along Mill Point Road.

Thursday night 27 July: Completion and connections at installed pipe intersections.

The City of South Perth and Main Roads WA have approved the works and all directly affected residents and businesses have been informed by the Water Corporation.

Work in this section of Mill Point Road is expected to be finished by mid-August 2017.

Please note that these dates are subject to change. Specifically, wet weather may delay this work. Water Corporation will provide regular updates to local residents and businesses. Information about the progress of this project can also be found at watercorporation.com.au/pipesforperth.

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