Telecommunications tower

Media Response 13 July 2017

Journalist’s background: I’ve got some questions about the proposed development, a telecommunications tower at 211 Douglas Ave, Kensington. The City received a petition at the OCM on June 27 from residents about this.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

Is this development going to come back to council or go to JDAP, when is this likely to happen?
The development application will be considered by the City of South Perth Council at the July 2017 Council meeting. 

Will the petition be considered by the Council at the next OCM on July 25?
Yes, the petition will be considered at this meeting as part of the City officer’s report on the development proposal.

How many people were notified about this development?
In accordance with City Policy P301 Community Engagement in Planning Proposals, a total of 800 written notices were sent out as part of the public consultation process.

Is the period of public submissions over?
The period of public submissions ended on 30 May 2017. As per Policy P301, interested parties will still be able to view plans and make a deputation to Council at its Agenda Briefing on 18 July 2017.

How many telecommunications towers are there in the City of South Perth?
This information is available from relevant Commonwealth agencies, such as, the Australian Communication and Media Authority and the Department of Communications and the Arts. As the City is not responsible for approval of all telecommunications installations within the City of South Perth, the City does not hold a definitive list of all telecommunications infrastructure.

What is the nearest telecommunications tower to this proposed one?
The Applicant’s Planning Report, specifies that the closest Vodafone facility is located approximately 670 metres south of the subject site. 

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