Development application for proposed take away food outlet

Media Response 16 March 2017
Journalist’s background: Tomorrow morning, a group of Curtin University journalism students I am supervising, and I, plan to publish on our Western Independent news website a story on the planned McDonald's outlet at Karawara.
The plans are now before a development assessment panel, with a recommendation of approval from the City of South Perth. Page 5 of the hyperlinked responsible authority report prepared by the city says the 'area 1 consultation method' was chosen for the proposal. Twelve consultation notices were sent out, with no submissions received.
In recent development applications for McDonald's outlets in Perth and Southwest WA (at Applecross, Harrisdale and Eaton), respondents and/or council staff have raised issues including potentially compromised amenity, potential noise, possible antisocial behaviour in the vicinity, and possible impact on surrounding businesses.
In this regard, I note that Page 19 of the city's Policy P310 Community engagement in planning proposals allows for wider, 'area 2' consultation for "non-residential development likely to have a significant impact on the locality".
Given the significant potential impacts raised in the planning processes of the above-mentioned McDonald's outlets, and the 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, nature of the planned McDonald's at Karawara, why did the City of South Perth not consult wider than 'area 1', as permitted under the city's Policy P310 Community engagement in planning proposals?
Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Deputy Mayor Glenn Cridland.

Council policy P301 ‘Community Engagement in Planning Proposals’ is a local planning policy adopted by the City of South Perth Council that identifies the extent of community engagement required for various types of planning proposals.

The public consultation undertaken by the City specifically in relation to the development application for the proposed McDonald’s at Waterford Plaza Shopping Centre in Karawara was done to the extent and in the manner that is required by the City’s policy P301. Under the “Area 1” consultation method individual property owners, occupiers and/ or strata bodies were invited to inspect the plans and to submit comments during a minimum 14- day period.

As outlined in the policy, ‘Take-Away Food Outlet’ is a permitted land use for the District Centre Commercial zone, which in this instance is the Waterford Plaza Shopping Centre. Hence, the policy does not require the proposed land use to be advertised.

The site on which the proposed McDonald’s is to be located had a Chicken Treat take away restaurant operating on it and there is not a significant change in amenity, impact or use by the new proposed development.

Notwithstanding this, the neighbouring residents most likely to be affected by the proposal are located within the ‘Area 1’ distribution and were therefore consulted and notified by mail of the development application.

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