South Perth Station Precinct works update: week commencing 27 February 2017

News Update 27 February 2017
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Approved works within the South Perth Station Precinct for the week commencing 27 February 2017:

Location Details of works  Who  Date  Time 
Labouchere Road (Lyall St - Bowman St) Lane closures and pedestrian management for Western Power works.  TX Civil Logistics / Taborda  27 February  9am to 3pm 
32 - 34 Charles Street Pedestrian management for replacement of glass panelling. Jaxon Construction 27 February - 1 March 7am to 5pm
Mill Point Road (Mends St - Labouchere Rd)
Removal of signage on site hoarding.
Civic Heart/Mark-it
27 February 10am to 2pm 
8 Darley Street Lane closure for removal of monitoring equipment.  Water Corporation Contractors 1 - 2 March 10am to 2pm 
96 Mill Point Road Temporary closure of Harper Terrace. Excavation works resulting in truck movements on Harper Terrace and South Perth Esplanade. Aurelia / Hanssen 27 February - 4 March 7am to 5pm
Labouchere Road (Mill Point Road - Mends Street) Southbound lane closure to support dewatering truck movements, currently operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Civic Heart / Hanssen 27 February - 5 March  24 hours
20 Harper Terrace Internal works on site with management of pedestrians when footpath obstructions occur. Cooktown Constructions 27 February - 5 March 7am to 5pm
21 Mends Street  Installation of site fencing. Pindan  1 March   7am to 5pm 
Labouchere Road (Amherst Street - Richardson Street)  Stormwater pit maintenance, north and south bound.  City of South Perth  28 February - 2 March   9am to 3pm

 Upcoming works (details to be confirmed)

Location  Details of works    Who Date  Time 
96 Mill Point Road Closure of Harper Terrace to facilitate concrete pours on Aurelia Site. Aurelia / Hanssen TBC 7am to 5pm
21 Mends Street (Harper Terrace) - Millstream Arcade
Demolition works, closure of footpath on Harper Terrace and pedestrian management.
Pindan TBC  7am to 5pm 
77 - 79 South Perth Esplanade  Demolition works, minor truck movements.  Echelon/Giorgi  TBC  7am to 5pm
Mends Street & Labouchere Road Installation of upgrade to existing gas main ATCO Gas  TBC (likely commencement early March 2017) 7am to 5pm
Labouchere Road; Mill Point Road and Harper Terrace  Water main upgrade works  Water Corporation Contractors TBC (likely commencement March 2017) 7am to 5pm

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