Autumn green waste collection

News Update 27 February 2017

The City of South Perth provides two green waste verge side collections per year in spring and autumn.

Autumn is a great time to get out into the garden. Whilst the soil is still warm from the summer and before the winter rains arrive, this is the time to plant, prune and prepare for winter by trimming back overhanging vegetation and tree branches.

Autumn green waste verge side collection – 3 April to 8 May 2017

The City will collect a maximum of three cubic metres per premise consisting of:

  • Uncontaminated green/garden waste
  • Tree prunings/branches with a maximum diameter of 150mm and maximum length of 1.5m.

All material for collection should be neatly placed on the verge with cut ends toward the street.

The City won’t collect:

  • Lawn clippings and leaves. These may be placed in your regular bin and will be collected along with your weekly domestic rubbish collection
  • General junk, building or household waste
  • Tree trunks and stumps larger than 150mm in diameter or 1.5m in length
  • Dug out lawn
  • Green waste that is contaminated by household rubbish.

If your green waste doesn’t comply, it will not be collected.

Please see additional information on our verge side collection page.

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