Swimming Pool and spa compliance

Media Response 9 February 2017

Journalist background: I’m seeking information on pool compliance in your council area.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.
How many pools does your council area have?
There are 2,702 registered swimming pools or spas in the City of South Perth.
How many inspections were done last year? (past 12 month period)
 In 2015 the City inspected the majority of the registered swimming pools and spas, with the remaining 109 inspections carried out in 2016.
Of those inspections, how many notifications were issued?
Approximately 1% of registered swimming pools or spas inspected did not comply.
Were there any “horror” cases of non-compliance?
If a pool is found to be non-compliant, the City works with residents to ensure full compliance is achieved and additional site visits are carried out.
If residents plan to install a swimming pool or spa on their properties, they must first obtain a Building Permit from the City.  
Once installed all private swimming pools/spas must be approved and registered by the City and inspected, by the City’s authorised representative which may include operators from Royal Life Saving Society. Mandatory re-inspections will be carried out within a four-year period; and it is the owner/occupier’s responsibility to ensure that the safety barrier is compliant, operating and maintained at all times.
What were the top 5 most common problems with people’s pools?
 The most common reasons for non-compliance include:
• Gate performance
• Climbable objects/structures 
• Safety barrier dimensions
• Door performance 
• Windows opening more than 100mm

Media contact

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