Water intrusion at 100 Mill Point Rd, South Perth

Media Response 1 February 2017
Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth CEO Geoff Glass.
The City of South Perth has been made aware that the basement of a mixed-use building at 100 Mill Point Rd, South Perth has been infiltrated by groundwater. The City acknowledges the inconvenience this is causing the occupants of the building and the traffic impacts on Mill Point Rd.
The City understands that dewatering of the neighbouring site, ‘Aurelia’ (96 Mill Point Road) has been underway for approximately 6 months. The ‘Aurelia’ development was approved by the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel in December 2014. An Acid Sulphate Soil and Dewatering Management Plan was prepared for the builder of the ‘Aurelia’ development and submitted to both the Department of Water and the Department for Parks and Wildlife for their approvals. The City is aware that the Department of Water issued the builder with a licence to extract ground water from the site. The water is being pumped over to the ‘Civic Heart’ site into lakes to be infiltrated back into the ground.  
On Monday 30 January 2017 City representatives met with the builder and developer of ‘Aurelia’ to express their concern at the apparent impacts of the current dewatering practices and requested that tankers be employed to remove groundwater from the site. The builder and developer committed to that undertaking and it is understood that has and is continuing to occur. The City has also requested that the developer continue to negotiate with the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the Water Corporation to develop alternative acceptable solutions to dispose of the water.
The City is continuing to liaise with relevant and affected agencies including Western Power, the Department of Water and the Department of Parks and Wildlife and investigating what possible courses of action it can take to help facilitate a resolution.

Consultant hydrogeologists have been engaged by the City to review the developer’s Dewatering Management Plan to provide advice in regards to its implementation. The City’s lawyers are also reviewing any obligations the City has in the matter and what, if any, authority the City can exercise. 

The City understands that Western Power is continuing to remove water from 100 Mill Point Rd to protect the transformer unit located in the building’s basement. 

Contrary to media reports, Western Power did not turn off electrical supply to the building and the occupants were not evacuated.

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