Tree poisoning at Sir James Mitchell Park

News Update 24 January 2017

The City of South Perth has recently experienced an incident of wilful damage to a tree on public land. In this instance, a mature Eucalyptus tree at Sir James Mitchell Park on the South Perth foreshore has been poisoned. 

The City is committed in its efforts to fight against damage to trees and the environment. Tree vandalism destroys the local amenity and costs ratepayers thousands of dollars each year. 

It is an offence under the City’s Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law (2011) and the Local Government Act (1995) for unauthorised persons to prune, remove or otherwise deal with any tree which is under the care, control or management of the City. 

There are substantial penalties for the unlawful destruction of vegetation. Vandalising the City’s trees is an offence that will be dealt with through the courts.

Records are kept of the 28,000 plus trees in the City of South Perth and the City will continue to replant and maintain trees in response to blatant vandalism. The poisoned tree will now be replaced with four Eucalyptus rudis trees.

When poisons have been applied to harm trees, the poison can prevent the growth of other plants or trees in the affected area for many years. In some cases the City has to replace a large amount of the soil to prevent the poison leaching into nearby waterways or the Swan or Canning River. 

Where there has been a history of tree damage the City installs metal trees to highlight to residents and visitors that trees in the area have been poisoned, ring barked or cut down by persons unknown to the City.

The City has a reputation for its green leafy street and is committed to manage the trees on land under our care and control. If you have information that may help to identify tree vandals, please contact the City on 9474 0777 or email

Sir James Mitchel Park

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