Millers Pool restoration works complete

News Update 10 January 2017
South Perth Foreshore

Part of the City’s South Perth Foreshore Strategy and Management Plan, the Millers Pool project aims to improve amenity, access and natural features of the Mill Point foreshore. Work at Millers Pool commenced in September and were completed in December 2016.

Landscape, environmental and amenity improvements include picnic and seating areas, a boardwalk and small viewing jetty across the pool and planting of native vegetation and trees. The view towards the Old Mill has been opened up, highlighted by an avenue of trees.

A new path network connects the pool with a Foreshore Walk from the Esplanade to join with the recently completed paths and picnic areas west of the Narrows Bridge.

The new car park employs Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) principals to treat storm water run-off prior to entering Millers Pool and the Swan River, and road improvements have been made at its Mill Point Road entrance.

Millers Pool

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