Free mulch offered to residents

Media Response 10 January 2017

Journalist’s background: Media enquiry regarding what councils charge residents for mulch.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.
Free mulch is offered to our residents in the City of South Perth. The initiative was implemented and supported as part of the City's Green Plan to promote mulching and use of indigenous plants, which in turn helps to reduce water use in local gardens. The residents’ use of the City’s free mulch is increasing every year.

The City produces approximately 1,500 tonnes of mulch each year from green waste collected at the City's Recycling Centre and from our own parks, streetscapes and golf course. The product is similar to a commercial ‘enviro mulch’ and is made up of tree chippings, plant prunings and grass clippings.

In addition the City of South Perth provides free recycling bags to residents for green waste, which they can take to City’s Recycling Centre and empty free of charge. Many take the opportunity to fill the recycling bags up with free mulch on their way out of the Centre.

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