Collier Park Village gas leak

Media Response 13 December 2016

Journalist’s background: Media enquiry regarding a gas leak at Collier Park Village, Como.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

What is the issue and what has caused it?
A gas leak at Collier Park Village in Como was reported to gas infrastructure network ATCO on 5 December 2016. This leak was repaired by the City however a second leak was detected and ATCO issued a notice and turned all gas services to the Village off with the understanding that services would not be returned until the leak was fixed.

The gas provided to the Village services hot water to 131 independent living units. Some of these units are currently not receiving hot water.

The City and ATCO are currently working together to isolate the leak and repair the section of damaged pipe.

When did the issue first arise?
The gas leak was reported to ATCO on 5 December 2016.
How many residents are affected?
131 independent living units in Collier Park Village have been affected.
When is it likely to be resolved?
Gas has been restored to part of the Village today, Tuesday 13 December 2016. The City understands the inconvenience this is causing for the Collier Park Village residents and is working with ATCO to fully resolve this issue as soon possible.
What measures have been introduced to help residents until the problem is fixed?
The City has put contingencies in place, with shower facilities at the George Burnett Leisure Centre in Karawara, including a disabled shower, the Village Community Centre and also providing 12 portable showers on site for resident use. Residents are being updated regularly on the progress with door to door notifications and information provided by City staff. 
How long had the problem been present before that measure was taken

Residents were notified of the contingency measures and shower facilities at George Burnett Leisure Centre on 6 December and the on-site portable showers at Collier Park Village have been available from 9 December 2016.

Media contact

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