Salter Point lagoon

Media Response 8 December 2016

Journalist’s background: I'm touching base after I was approached by a number of residents about the condition of Salter Point Lagoon. They are concerned about the algae in the lagoon, which they believe is getting worse. The residents want action to take place at the mouth of the river, to remove some of sand and silt to help the lagoon flush.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth CEO Geoff Glass.
What work has the City of South Perth put into the Salter Point lagoon to keep it healthy?
To enhance ecological performance of the Salter Point lagoon the City undertakes annual revegetation and monthly maintenance works that include weed control, rubbish collection, erosion control and monthly monitoring of the lagoon conditions and functioning. Revegetation and maintenance works are undertaken to ensure protection of the lagoon and improve natural habitat.
Is the Salter Point lagoon a place of significance for the City?
Salter Point lagoon forms part of the Bush Forever Site 333 that is classified as a high priority conservation area, therefore the City undertakes all required works to comply with State Government requirements.

Does the City believe it has worked with residents to keep the lagoon healthy?Yes. 

What does the City think about the lagoon's health?
Salter Point lagoon is a healthy natural wetland that changes its condition to adapt to seasonal changes.

Does the City believe the lagoon's health has deteriorated over recent years?

Would the City consider removing some of the silt and sand that has built up around the mouth of the lagoon?

Are there other actions that the City is considering to improve the health of the lagoon?
The City believes that Salter Point lagoon is healthy.

Does the City have a long-term plan for the lagoon?
The City manages Salter Point lagoon in accordance with recommendations included in the Salter Point and Waterford Foreshore management plan.

Is there anything else to add?

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