Sculptural artworks installed in Mends Street precinct

Media Release 11 November 2016
Connect South Public Art

A series of sculptures by emerging artist Kathy Allam will be suspended throughout the Mends Street precinct in South Perth from Saturday 12 November until Sunday 4 December 2016 as part of the City’s summer calendar of arts and events.

The Miasma Series includes 12 of the artist’s most recent works which are comprised of recycled, PET plastic bottles that have been repurposed into sparkling, voluptuous forms. The undulating, tactile surfaces of the sculptures metamorphose at dusk when thousands of tiny solar lights ignite, illuminating the spectacular artworks from within.

“The Miasma Series considers our hopes and dreams of creating a more sustainable future, and the current dilemma of our growing mountains of non-biodegradable waste,” Kathy said.

An initiative of the City’s Connect South project to enhance and invigorate the Mends Street precinct and foreshore area, Kathy was invited by the City to exhibit the retrospective which explores the revaluing of items commonly discarded.

“The series of ethereal sculptures will be installed for three weeks at various locations on Mends Street and along the Mends Street foreshore and jetty,” Mayor Sue Doherty said.

“Public art, whether it be permanent or temporary is a means of celebrating the identity and history of the community, enhancing the environment and contributing to a sense of place.”

“I believe the Miasma Series will capture the imagination of the community, and delight all ages. I encourage everyone to come down and enjoy the works which will be available to view day and night. In the evening they promise to look particularly spectacular when they’re lit up with thousands of solar lights.”

The City of South Perth has a growing inventory of distinct and diverse public artworks that contribute to the City’s unique culture. For more information visit the Public Art page of the City's website.

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