Improved audit scrutiny of local governments

Media Response 2 September 2016

Journalist’s background: One of my colleagues is writing a story about the State Parliament introducing legislation to extend the jurisdiction of the Auditor General to local governments.

The questions are as follows:
Does the City of South Perth believe current audit requirements were sufficient and what does it think of this new legislation being introduced by the State Government?

Will it improve "responsive and accountable" local government and "raise the standard of accountability of local governments to a level consistent with State Government authorities and public sector agencies"?

Any other comments the City would like to make, does it believe this legislation is necessary? Why/why not?

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

The City of South Perth welcomes measures that raise the standards of accountability in Western Australian local governments.

From the City’s perspective the involvement of the Auditor General in overseeing local government audits will deliver more consistent auditing standards across the local government sector.

Additionally, it provides the opportunity for the Auditor General to offer value-adding services such as reviewing the efficiency of use of resources in local government service delivery as occurs in other jurisdictions such as New Zealand. The New Zealand experience suggests that, over time, this may result in better value for money outcomes for the community.

As a City, we are committed to being transparent, responsive and accountable to our residents, local community and all stakeholders we engage with including local, state and the federal government at all times.

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