Perth Transport Plan for 3.5 million and beyond

Media Response 3 August 2016
South Perth Station Precinct

Background: You may have noticed the release of the Barnett Government’s Transport @3.5 million plan last week. It has significant repercussions across the metropolitan area and I was chasing a response from South Perth to the plans. Just general comments. Some councils have already been in touch with some strident comments about what’s missing in the plan. So I just thought I would open it up to all councils that might be affected.

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty
It is really disappointing that the Perth Transport Plan for 3.5 million People and Beyond does not include plans for a train station in the City of South Perth.

A South Perth train station has been long promised by successive West Australian state governments since 2003. It is yet to be delivered. The time has come for the government to meet its commitment, reinstate costings for the South Perth train station and include them in the forward estimates.

It is vital that the state government provide transport options to accommodate the increasing population and volume of traffic moving through the City of South Perth. Urban infill must be accompanied by the provision of adequate public transport infrastructure.

A key component of the redevelopment of the South Perth Station Precinct on Mill Point peninsula was to encourage patronage of the proposed train station; destination uses such as office and commercial development within the 800 metre walkable catchment and improved access to the City’s community facilities, heritage and visitor attractions such as the Perth Zoo which draws close to 700,000 visitations each year.

With approximately 1,000 residential units and approximately 60,000m2 of non-residential floor area approved within the South Perth Station Precinct, this will generate considerable demand for a train station in South Perth.

The City believes a combination of public and private integrated transport options, including bus, ferry, cycle and future rail (South Perth train station) are essential to support the development in the South Perth Station Precinct and throughout the City.

The City will provide a detailed submission to the State Government on the Transport@3.5million plan prior to the closing date of 28 October 2016.

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