Parking Management Plan for the South Perth Station Precinct

Media Release 28 July 2016
South Perth Station Precinct

The City of South Perth has engaged CARDNO Consulting to develop a Parking Management Plan for the South Perth Station Precinct. 

The City is inviting up to ten local residents who live within or in close proximity of the Precinct, situated on the Mill Point peninsula, to join a working party who together with local business owners and City staff, to assist and contribute in the development of the Plan by providing feedback at a series of meetings to be held this year.

The working party will involve the wider community in the development of the Plan by seeking their opinions, views and ideas at workshops and via written submissions.

The Parking Management Plan draws upon the key findings of the City-wide Parking Strategy adopted by Council in May 2016. The strategy provides a long-term plan for the management and provision of parking within the City. It outlines 22 recommendations for review and implementation, identifying a comprehensive action plan to assist in the development of Management Plans for 14 Parking Control Areas (PCA) within the City including the South Perth Station Precinct (PCA1). 

“As the population and volume of traffic moving through the City and South Perth Station Precinct increases, undertaking proper planning and effectively managing parking is of critical importance,” Mayor Sue Doherty said.

“The development of a Parking Management Plan for the Precinct aims to address current and future parking needs while working towards minimising congestion.”

“It is vital that we prioritise access for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users, people with disabilities and make the most of the public transport infrastructure, balanced with the needs of the City road network.”

The South Perth Station Precinct Parking Management Plan includes the following major components; 

Parking Management Action Plan – Identify changes to the existing parking management that would improve efficiency. Provide a time based plan for implementing desired changes to the parking system. 

Parking Demand Forecast
– Identify the future requirements for parking in the precinct. Policy Review - Propose policy measures that will ensure that the key principles of the Parking Strategy are advanced. Public Parking Provision

Review – Identify opportunities for future public car parking if required.

For more information, or to view the City-wide Parking Strategy, please visit the City’s website.

If you are interested in joining the Working Party, please contact the City on 9474 0777 or by 5pm, Friday 12 August 2016.

Media contact

For media enquiries, please contact the City’s Communications Officer.