Council endorse Annual Budget 2016-2017

Media Release 14 July 2016

The City of South Perth Annual Budget 2016-2017 was endorsed by Council at a Special Council Meeting held on Tuesday 12 July 2016.

The Budget sees the completion of the eagerly awaited Manning Community Hub as well as the commencement of other major community infrastructure initiatives including the Ernest Johnson Reserve precinct upgrade, Connect South project and Millers Pool precinct upgrade.

City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty commended the Annual Budget, which will guide Council’s financial position for the next twelve months.

“The 2016-2017 Annual Budget has evolved through a carefully considered process that demonstrates the responsible management of our community’s financial resources,” Mayor Doherty said.

“Developed over the past six months, this budget delivers real, tangible benefits to our community and residents through the allocation of funds for major community projects, services and infrastructure that will actively enhance the wonderful City we live in.”

“This budget demonstrates a ‘value for money’ philosophy, providing funding for responsible governance, an extensive range of community services and capital initiatives that maintain and improve the City’s infrastructure, community buildings and parklands.” 

“In order to fund these services and projects, Rates will increase by 3.65% in 2016-2017. The combined increase in Council Rates, Rubbish Charges and Emergency Services Levy (ESL) for an ‘average’ property in the City for 2016-2017 will be 4.06% or $1.73 per week.”

“This increase is a result that stands up very well against our metropolitan local government peers. Minimum rated properties will experience a 3.32% increase in combined charges.”

“In the context of the challenging economic climate in which this budget was developed, Council prides itself on delivering a responsible, value for money budget. We are proud to present the 2016-2017 Budget to our community and we look forward to working with you to make our vision for the City of South Perth a reality.”

The Rates Notices will be issued on Friday 22 July 2016.

Highlights of the City’s Annual Budget 2016-2017 include: 

The 2016-2017 Annual Budget allocates $3.5m to the completion of the Manning Community Hub, the major project will create a new ‘heart’ for Manning and provide the community with a vibrant, connected precinct integrating community services and social activities. Construction is due to be completed by the end of 2016 and the facility is expected to open in early 2017.

The City is committing a further $2m to Millers Pool precinct upgrade to make this iconic site more appealing and accessible. Upgraded landscaping in the precinct, revamped parking areas, improved pedestrian paths and amenity improvements including picnic and seating areas with shelters and shady trees will create a welcoming public space that also recognises the history associated with this site.

$7.5m is allocated for the first stage of Ernest Johnson Reserve precinct upgrade. This project will see the replacement of the old clubrooms, change-rooms, toilets and meeting hall with a modern, purpose built, integrated facility providing a home for the football and cricket clubs, WAFL umpires, community groups and Rotary group that currently use the site.

The 2016/2017 budget allocates $3.5M towards Stage 1 of the Connect South project. The project will provide the amenity and public space needed to support the rapid growth in high density living that has already begun in the South Perth Foreshore precinct. It will also provide the opportunity to increase the City’s cultural capital through night markets and various events. An increasing population in the CBD and East Perth, and the new Perth Stadium, will provide impetus for an improved water ferry service. The Mends St Jetty and surrounding piazza will be strategically activated with partnerships ensuring diverse employment opportunities for the community. Connect South will also help the City capitalise on the increased residential numbers in the surrounding areas who will be seeking additional recreational and commercial opportunities which will provide commercial sustainability for Mends Street traders.

Budget Snapshot

Capital program of $24.67M of new funds to acquire assets and renew community infrastructure:

• $7.50M for the Ernest Johnson Reserve precinct upgrade - Stage 1
• $2.00M to complete the Millers Pool precinct redevelopment
• $3.50M to commence the Connect South project - Stage 1
• $2.87M towards maintaining and improving our road network
• $0.91M for upgrading storm water drainage infrastructure
• $0.45M to provide safer and better paths in and around the City
• $1.39M for traffic management initiatives
• $0.95M to upgrade our parks and reticulation systems
• $0.33M to enhance our streetscapes
• $0.23M towards managing our natural environmental
• $0.53M to upgrade existing City and community buildings
• $0.50M to introduce more efficient water management systems at the Golf Course
• $0.20M towards planning studies and developing planning strategies
• $0.31M for new Library management systems
• $2.26M non-recurrent spending on environmental works, planning precinct studies and infrastructure forward planning and design activities
• $1.40M funding for new technology/ digital service delivery models
• $53.83M to support all operational services delivered by the City
• A further $7.89M worth of 2015-2016 capital funding for ‘in progress’ works will be carried forward into the 2016-2017 year including $3.50M to complete the Manning Community Hub

Media contact

For media enquiries, please contact the City’s Communications Officer.