City of South Perth pool inspections

Media Response 16 June 2016

Journalist's background: I’m working on a story looking at pool fences to try and get a good idea about how many people out there aren’t following the regulations on pool fences, gates etc. As part of the story I’m contacting all Perth metropolitan councils to try to find out the results of their most recent inspections. As I understand it local governments are responsible for enforcing the State Government’s legislation on safety barriers for pools and spas. Accordingly, they are required to make sure all swimming pools and spas in their boundaries are inspected at least once every four years to ensure they are compliant with legislation.

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

How often are inspections of pools and spas carried out?
It is mandatory that all pools, spas and enclosures in Western Australia are inspected at intervals of no more than 4 years. 

When was the most recent inspection carried out?
The most recent inspections have been carried out over the past 12 months. There are currently no outstanding pool inspections to be carried out within the City of South Perth.

How many non-compliant pools or spas were found in the past 12 months?
In the past 12 months 242 non-compliant pools or spas were found. 

How did that compare with the previous 12 month period?
Approximately 10% of pools or spas within the City were found to be non-compliant in the previous inspection period.

What action was taken as a result of non-compliance?
The City works with residents to ensure full compliance is achieved and additional site visits are carried out.

The City may issue fines for non-compliant swimming pool enclosures.

Media contact

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