98 Mill Point Road development

Media Response 2 March 2016
South Perth Station Precinct
Journalist background: We have spoken to residents at 100 Mill Point Road who are angry and frustrated with the City of South Perth as construction on number 98 is building next to their balcony.

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth CEO Geoff Glass:

Can you please provide a statement referencing the ongoing construction of high rises in South Perth with specific mention to zero setbacks.

The objective of this precinct, is, amongst others, to introduce high quality inner-city urban character. To achieve this the development encourages podiums (base of building) at zero setbacks in order to maintain continuity of the street edge. Podiums can be between 9m and 13.5 m high. Greater setbacks are applied at the higher levels above the podium, to ensure suitable separation between towers.

They say their letter to make a deputation opposing new construction at #98 was "lost" by council and that their concerns have been ignored. 
A letter on a previous development application at 98 Mill Point Road was not lost, it was received in 2012 and was acknowledged by the City and considered in making a decision.

When a second development application (with additional storeys) was submitted in 2014 the City consulted with the residents in the affected building by way of letters seeking comments on the proposal, in accordance with the City’s policy. No submissions were received for the 2014 application.

Does council believe the construction to be fair?
The construction is in accordance with the approval that was issued by the Development Assessment Panel in August 2014 after taking all of the requirements into consideration.

What consultation was had with neighbouring residents about the construction?
The City consulted with the residents in the neighbouring building by way of letters seeking comments on the proposal, in accordance with the City’s policy.

Are consultations ongoing? 
The City consults with the community on all development applications that are submitted in the South Perth Station Precinct. There is no ongoing consultation with the residents neighboring 98 Mill Point Road.

Will residents who have their balconies/windows walled in be compensated? If so, how?
The balcony and windows allow light and ventilation to enter the apartment from the north and above and there is no compensation payable.

Are or will zero setbacks be reviewed for future developments?
The City is currently in the process of making amendments to the Town Planning Scheme.  Amendment No. 46 to the City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 6 was initiated to rectify anomalies, clarify ambiguities and strengthen performance criteria for building height variations relating to development provisions affecting the area known as the ‘South Perth Station Precinct’.

In March 2015, the City first advertised Amendment No. 46 for public comment. At a Special Council Meeting held on 27 October 2015, the Council considered submissions received during that consultation period, and endorsed a set of significant modifications to Amendment No. 46 in response to community concerns. 

The modifications include:

Reduction in the extent of the Special Design Area
Creation of absolute height limits
Maximum 10% variation from minimum lot area and frontage
Increased street setbacks in certain streets
Mandatory 1.5 minimum non-residential plot ratio
The amendment has only just finished the public consultation period. The submissions are being analyzed and a report will be prepared for Council in due course.  The final outcome of amendment 46 has not yet been determined.

Media contact

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