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Media Response 11 February 2016
Journalist’s background: I write for the Southern Gazette newspaper and was just after some statistics for a story I'm writing on City of Belmont public housing. I realise this is a state government responsibility, not council's, but it would be interesting to hear about the situation from a local government perspective. Just wanted to know if City of South Perth had any statistics on the LGA's proportion of public housing? 

What prompted the story is what City of Belmont's director community and statutory services Neville Deague said last November: "...the City has been on a crusade for nearly twenty years to reduce the concentration of public housing in Redcliffe, Belmont and Rivervale, which statistically have the greatest concentration of public housing in the City. In addition, all properties owned by the Department of Housing have been reviewed by the City and streets with an excessive presence of public housing have been brought to the attention of the Department of Housing. The City has limited power in these circumstances, and no control over Department of Housing developments. Department of Housing dwellings are regarded as public work and approvals/permits from the City are not required. The City can only make recommendations to the Department of Housing. It can be quite exasperating for the City’s Health Department and Rangers because they have no power to enforce compliance of legislation on Department of Housing properties..." 

It's a sensitive topic, and I'm not about to tar all public housing residents with the same brush, but I'd like to take a look at how the role of public housing has changed over the years. Also want to look at how South Perth compares to new subdivisions when it comes to proportions of public housing. 

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty:

What is the concentration of public housing in City of South Perth?

Department of Housing dwellings account for approximately 4.5% of properties within the City of South Perth.  

What is considered to be an excessive presence of public housing?

The City does not have a position on what would be considered an “excessive” presence of public housing. 

Has South Perth recorded any issues from public housing?
From time to time, the City does encounter some issues with Department of Housing properties. The complaints are most commonly in relation to dogs, fire hazards, litter or illegal dumping.

City officers have a good relationship with the Department of Housing and meet periodically to address and attempt to resolve any issues that have arisen.

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