Amendment No. 46 South Perth Station Precinct

Media Response 15 January 2016
South Perth Station Precinct
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Chief Executive Officer Geoff Glass

The City of South Perth Strategic Plan (2013-2023) states one of the key themes and focus areas in the community is to "plan for a rapidly expanding population". According to former Mayor James Best, Amendment 46 has potential to stop the housing of between 2500-3000 people. Under Amendment 46, how will the City accommodate the expanding population?

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The Strategic Plan also said "the City of South Perth is preparing for sustained growth over the next 20 years with a target of 6000 additional dwellings and a 30 per cent increase to existing number of dwellings". But with proposed height restrictions under Amendment 46, how will this be possible? Where will the additional dwellings go under this Amendment?
The City is working on a number of strategic planning proposals which will ensure future development of additional dwellings in activity centres. These areas include the Canning Bridge and Bentley-Curtin Precincts, along activity corridors such as Canning Highway, and in areas of specific redevelopment need such as the Waterford Triangle. Cygnia Cove adjacent to Clontarf College is also being developed. Together with the South Perth Station Precinct, these areas will meet the targets mentioned. 

Mr Best said it was a minority of residents that are pushing for Amendment 46. Would you agree? Why/ Why not?
The City is not in a position to comment on support for the amendment until submissions close in February.

Mr Best said he was "concerned as to the lack of transparency, proper process and engagement the council has adopted in seeking to make these changes" in reference to Amendment 46. What is your response to this statement?
The City’s processes in regards to Amendment No. 46 are both open and transparent. 

The City first advertised Amendment No. 46 for public comment in March 2015. At a Special Council Meeting on 27 October 2015, which was open to the public, Council considered the submissions received during that March public comment period.

At this meeting, in response to community concerns, Council endorsed a set of significant modifications to Amendment No. 46. As a result of the significant changes, the Council resolved to open Amendment No. 46 for public comment over an extended period of 90 days.

As part of the engagement process, the City held a well-attended community information session in early December 2015. 

The City has sent over 1200 letters to residents, ratepayers and developers, advertised in the Southern Gazette twice, issued a media release, provided information on the homepage of the City’s website, and included it in the City’s eNewsletter South Perth In Focus on three occasions. The City has also included an article in the January Peninsula magazine which will be distributed to all households in the City from 18-22 January.

The process in regards to Scheme Amendments is set by legislation (Planning and Development (Local Schemes) Regulations 2015).

The City is aware that there is a diversity of views in regard to Amendment No. 46. We strongly encourage interested people to have their say and welcome submissions by 5pm, Friday 5 February 2016.

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