Parking Strategy update

Media Release 2 September 2015
The City recently conducted stakeholder engagement for the development of a new parking strategy. Two public workshops, one for businesses and another for the community were held at the Civic Centre in July 2015. 

For the first time, the City used an online engagement tool where participants could ‘pin’ directly onto a City map the exact location or an area of interest to them and provide direct comment on the issue, ideas or solution. The City received approximately 80 direct responses as part of the mapping exercise. Participants could also provide direct written comment about parking within the City or complete a survey on the issue.

The feedback is currently being considered by parking experts Luxmoore Consultant in the development of the draft parking strategy. The City will review the draft parking strategy and further community engagement will take place (approximately in November 2015) to receive feedback and comments on the proposed recommendations outlined in the draft parking strategy.  

The City thank those who have already participated in the development of the parking strategy and look forward to further contributions in the coming months.

For more information visit the Parking Strategy page.

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