Approval of Dan Murphy's at Como Hotel

Media Response 23 April 2015
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

How does the council feel about the decision by Metropolitan Central Joint Development Assessment Panel  (JDAP) last Friday night, to approve the development application for a Dan Murphy’s at the Como Hotel?

The City of South Perth Council is yet to consider the decision of the JDAP that was handed down on Friday of last week. Given Council’s unanimous decision to reject the application, I am confident the Council’s position remains unchanged.  The Council has strongly opposed the development and should it go ahead, there would be significant impacts to noise, traffic, disturbance to neighbours, harm and safety in our local community. 

I am extremely disappointed JDAP decided to approve this barn-like liquor store at a high risk and very busy location (cnr South Tce and Canning Hwy). According to the AAMI Crash Index 2015, Canning Highway, Como is within the top five crash hotspots in Perth.

In my opinion, there is no need for a Dan Murphy’s in South Perth. The City of South Perth has 12 liquor outlets within a 4km radius of the Como Hotel site at present. 

What course of action (if any) is there for council now if they council still votes against the planned development?
Council will consider options for further action on this development. 

Will council be taking this up with the state government? 
As above, Council has not yet met to consider JDAP’s decision. 

Did the JDAP take into account concerns for council and local residents about the issues raised at the last meeting of council i.e. traffic and noise concerns, parking and the social impacts of a wholesale liquor outlet located in the area?

The JDAP heard all of the submissions and deputations however somehow formed the view that these issues will be manageable. We do not believe this will be the case. 

Anything else council would like to add? 
Although development approval has been supplied by JDAP, the developer still needs to gain approval for a liquor licence with certification from the City of South Perth demonstrating that their proposal complies with a number of considerations. Should the City provide this approval, the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor will consider their application to include a Public Interest Assessment (which outlines information on the premises’ impact on a number of factors including harm and safety).

Once an application has been accepted and advertised by the Department, the City of South Perth has an opportunity to revisit the proposal. Should the application reach this stage, the City will then consider intervening through a submission to the Director of Liquor Licensing or object to the application.

Section 69 of The Liquor Control Act (1988) enables the City of South Perth to intervene in proceedings before the licensing authority and introduce evidence whether a premise is suitable for a liquor licence; whether an alteration or redefinition of a premises should be approved; or whether people who work or live in the vicinity would be negatively impacted upon. 

The City believes persons who reside or work in the vicinity of the Como Hotel would be likely to suffer undue offence, annoyance, disturbance and inconvenience if Dan Murphy’s was to be built.

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